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Branch to the item overview and repeat the process if necessary. The major topics related to the account assignment: In this subroutine all fields are cleared which are suppressed by customizing for the new account assignment category see also the FAQ note question Specification of the objects e.

SD order third party PO: For the WBS-Element we have to different values: When you delete the account assignment category in line item, all account assignments are deleted automatically. The account assignment screen are used both in PO and PR. This option means missing accounting information and not an accounting line with category Unknown.

The automatic account assignment determination can be customized under: Function that belongs to the component FI Financial accounting. You could find detailed information about this topic in the Accounting indexes Wiki page.

You enter the new account assignment category afterwards, system will re-derive the account assignment objects again. The account assignment data will then automatically be adopted in the next item. Enter the account assignment data that is dependent on the account assignment category.


If the cost center is changeable in our transaction and is changed manually the system will always switch this value back to the asset cost center. EKKN for purchasing documents such as purchase orders, contracts This process continues until the total invoice value of the PO item is reached.

The speciality for the asset is that we always determine special fields from the asset. This function module is called when the account assignment category is changed. The structure COBL is used to call different function modules from other components with the same interface.

In case of a single accounting line the system uses SRM customizing of the accounting category to determine the backend accounting category.

There are two function modules to convert these numbers into each other. You could find more information about the search helps in the Accounting field search helps Wiki site. The account assignment data will then be automatically adopted in the next item.

Default account assignment In the SRM system there are multiple documents where the account assignment is required for the items. It is important that if you delete a document item the accounting lines remain active. This validation could be used also to update the accounting data with the related secondary accounting fields during the item creation or after change in the accounting data.

GL account determination For the default GL account determination it is possible to maintain a static customizing or any kind of custom logic with BAdI implementation. In certain scenarios you could see renumbering within the document or just in the follow-on document. How are the costs to be apportioned if only a part of the ordered quantity has been delivered and invoiced?

If you use multiple account assignment lines with categories that are assigned to different backend accounting categories as there is no single associated accounting category the system will use the X accounting category.

CO will initialize the functional area if funds management is not active. Prerequisites When specifying multiple account assignment for an item, you must consider the following points: Refer to note Also in the document in the ECC system there is an item level accounting category that the SRM system should determine in case of multiple account assignment lines for an item.

Only when account assignment item 1 has been charged in full is item 2 charged; only when account assignment item 2 has been charged is item 3 charged, and so on.

The field status from both customizing must fit together. When such a purchase requisition is created we take over the order number AUFNR and save the purchase requisition with accounting reference to this order. The nature of the account assignment cost center, sales order, and so on Which accounts are to be charged when the incoming invoice or goods receipt is posted Which account assignment data you must provide.Feb 26,  · Multiple account assignment allows you to apportion the cost of a material covered by a PO among your own cost center and several others, for example.

You specify which account assignment object is to be.

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If you change the account assignment category from A directly to B, system takes all account assignment objects from A as manual entry, and derive other account assignment objects, afterwards according to the field status' setting to display or hide the account assignment objects.

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Account assignment in SAP Purchasing (MM) – FAQ. August 30, Sab This note provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding account assignment in purchasing documents. This post is based on Snote Solution: These fields are only filled if the account assignment category is set to “blank”.

If you maintain an. Dear Experts, I want to assign Account Assignment Category either A(Asset)/K(Cost Center) with Item Category D(Service) of a particular document type for both of the case of PR and PO.

Plz suggest how to achieve this. Regards, Arnab. Account Assignment Category. The account assignment category determines: The nature of the account assignment (cost center, sales order, and so on) Which accounts are to be charged when the incoming invoice or goods receipt is posted; Which account assignment data you must provide.

Account assignment category
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