An introduction to the life of jethro creighton

The book helps students to compare different accounts of battles, causes of war, and issues in order to begin to construct a balanced, informed view. That night, Jethro suffers from a nightmare and Jenny comforts him.

The Civil Rights Movement The civil rights movement was at its peak from to On their way home, their wagon overturned when Travis Burdow, who was bent on causing trouble, fired a shot that spooked the horses. The film was written and directed by Kevin Meyer, and was released on videocassette by Rhino Video in She helps with the plowing and other farm chores in addition to her original duties.

George Lawrence is a neighbor who brings his son Dan to see the Creightons to tell the family that Tom has been killed in battle. Did a particular image, line, or scene linger in your mind for a long time?

Open with any grandiose assertions. We adults may preach the values we wish to instill, and the children will turn away from our sermons; but a book, a fine book that mirrors life accurately and honestly—there is the effective substitute for our ineffective sermons. As teacher, Shad prepares Jethro for the task of seeking information from sources outside the home.

Matt Creighton, determined to be fair even in the face of his personal tragedy, talks them out of revenge. His actions save Jethro and his wagon from harm. The Union is victorious at Mobile.

Although it was a Union victory, public sentiment is now shifted against Grant. These victories galvanize the North, and Lincoln is re-elected with the support of the soldier vote.

Reading the newspaper, Jethro discovers as much controversy as fact … He has learned to compare what is said by how it is said.

Across Five Aprils: Summary

Body paragraphs are like bricks: Jenny remarks that her mother would let her and Shadrach marry before he leaves, but her father opposes the marriage.

Israel Thomas brings the Creightons a letter from Shadrach. Bill comforts him, and the two talk. For the Creightons, the bonds of family transcend all else.Across Five Aprils has 10, ratings and reviews. The Newbery Award winning author of Up a Road Slowly presents the unforgettable story of Jethro Creighton—a brave boy who comes of age during the turbulent years of Across Five Aprils was required reading in 6th grade and it was as if the teacher's were saying "Life's a bitch, get /5.

Ellen Creighton says this to Matt about Dave Burdow, whose son Travis killed Mary Creighton but who has just saved Jethro’s life. Jethro’s wagon had been attacked by Guy Wortman, who lay in ambush for the boy on his way home from Newton, but.

Across Five Aprils Major Characters Jethro Creighton: As Ellen and Matt Creighton's youngest child, Jethro is nine years old when the story begins.

Across Five Aprils: Top Ten Quotes

Showing 'special talents' as a boy, he becomes the man of the household taking care of the family farm when his brothers go off to war.

Across Five Aprils Chapter 1 Summary. we follow the protagonist Jethro Creighton as he comes of age during the years of the Civil War. Matthew Creighton, Jethro's father, speaks these words in Chapter Six. Here, Matthew suggests the extent to which the war pervades life. It has claws which reach into every aspect of a person's being.

In fact, Jethro comes to owe his own life to his father’s merciful attitude to the Burdow family.

Notes on Characters from Across Five Aprils

An angry mob is offended by Bill Creighton’s decision to fight for the South and one of them attacks Jethro (as Bill’s brother) as he is returning home from town.

An introduction to the life of jethro creighton
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