Changing corporate culture at vodafone

The result clearly showed that the current culture was blocking teamwork and mutual accountability and employees wanted to be more included in decision making as well as participate in information exchange Eaton and Brown For instance, it used to take us 90 days to change a price plan.

This effect is being felt across the world because, unlike previous demographic groups such as the Baby Boomers or Generation X which were predominantly in evidence in the Occident, Generation Y is a global phenomenon driven by rising internet penetration.

Every one of the six buildings on campus is based around a ground floor coffee shop allowing employees to hold quick, informal, meetings. In the following I will use this model to describe implications of the above introduced coach image when managing change. No one, not even the chief executive, gets more than one drawer in a central bank of filing cabinets, in which to keep their belongings.

As explained earlier, the first phase of managing change is meant to unfreeze the status quo and establish the prerequisites for change Palmer et al.

Changing Corporate Culture at Vodafone

Moving away from the traditional closed office environment to working in a smarter way using our own technology has also helped speed-up decision making.

What they discover on this safari, is that when all the pride works together the hunt - in business terms - is far more successful than any one individual could ever be. This takes place after new behaviors have been incorporated into social and organizational relationships Palmer et al.

Other businesses are taking note of the changes. This was involving employees on different levels in the organization and resulted in more detailed information about the problem in the same time, which enabled the Management to detailed planning of necessary initiatives.

Now with everyone involved in the sales and implementation process working from the same constantly updated information, the whole process is far more efficient. The journey is by no means over, but Vodafone has certainly taken those first, very important strides.

While employees and all levels of management — even the board — have home zones throughout the six buildings on campus, where colleagues carrying out similar functions may reside, no-one has a dedicated desk and everyone is so mobile that they can pitch up wherever they are needed.

They are all booked through an online system and meeting organisers have to login when they arrive. The image of coach to managing change is also partly based on assumptions of group dynamics Palmer et al.

As befits a communications company, the whole ethos of this new way of working is based on all levels of the organisation communicating in the appropriate fashion: As mentioned earlier, managing a change according to the coach image is a long term undertakings.

This model contains the following steps: Referring to the initial situation at Vodafone in the mids the company was facing an increased competition in the telecommunication market. Vodafone was too slow to react to changes in the market because it was based on an outdated command and control way of doing business.

At the heart of this transformation is the notion that it is not just what you do, but how you do it that determines business success. Why call when you can meet quickly over a coffee?

But not only did Vodafone UK need to attract the new generation, it needed to get the best out of its existing workforce while reducing its cost base. OD deals with planned, episodic change but is an adaptive process for planning and implementing change in the same time. Retool management for an open and borderless world Summary Vodafone believes that working smarter will help businesses survive and thrive in a challenging economic climate.

The small tables have been jettisoned and in their place are long noodle-bar style tables and benches so that people can mingle freely with colleagues from all areas of the company. Having all the information about customers in just one place has speeded-up the time it takes our large corporate division to get a new customer up and running from 90 days to just 30 days.Culture trumps strategy every time, no matter how brilliant the plan, so the two need to be in alignment.

2. Focus on a few critical shifts in behavior. Wholesale change is hard; choose your battles wisely. 3. Honor the strengths of the existing culture.

Every culture is the product of. Culture and values. Find out what’s important to us and how we like to get things done. Vodafone was the largest operator of mobile networks in the world with over 70 countries within its corporate umbrella (Merrill Lynch. ). managing corporate cultural change and organizational performance Harold Dennis Harlow Downloaded by eFADA of Ankabut UAE.

Jul 23,  · Changing a culture is a large-scale undertaking, and eventually all of the organizational tools for changing minds will need to be put in play. However the order in which they deployed has a critical impact on the likelihood of success.

management, Vodafone’s push to make over the company by raising its investment and assigning key managers meant that sticking to the stated primary goals would be important to achieve a lasting transition to the Vodafone corporate operational and cultural approach. The Management at Vodafone saw the necessity for a change of corporate culture as the rigid culture of ‘command and control’ management was weakening the ability to remain innovative in their challenging market (Anderson ).

Changing corporate culture at vodafone
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