Current moral and ethical issues faced by kudler fine foods

Every meat and seafood orders are fresh and prepared when the order is placed. We have found out that we still have some of the inventory from that delivery and have sent it off for examination and have gotten the result back.

We carry over different types of cheeses and we also offer cheese made from cow, goat, and sheep milk. With this news we will definitely feel it in the revenue that we are trying to bring in and the new store that we are trying to open. As of recently we have been receiving some surveys back from some of our customers about the quality of our foods at the Del Mar store location.

One of their first problems would be an ethical problem and they had to bring in their legal advisor. We currently have a bakery, meat and seafood, produce, cheese and diary, and wine department.

As any business it is best to have actual legal counsel. Even though there only have been a few bad surveys it is still a concern.

We make our breads from the freshest and finest ingredients in the world. The dilemma that we are running into is that we only have pounds of shrimp from that delivery left behind so there is no telling how much contaminated shrimp we have sold.

Our produce department carries both organic and inorganic varieties for the budget conscious. They do not however take all legal problems to Kudler, just the ones the need help on.

While the list is extensive we also have a Wine Steward that will be able to assist you with your needs. They have made sure this essential status has stayed it their everyday procedures to keep their customers and to bring in new ones. In conclusion Kathy Kudler has a thriving company that will be here in the future if she continues the path that she is going today.

Kudler Fine Foods stores are situated on approximately 8, square feet of retail space where we have different department. We carry a variety of products from dry, aged beef to home-made sausages to live lobsters.

Tell us what you need to have done now! This way if one of the employees has a legal problem they will feel free to get advice from the legal team within the company in a professional and confidential area of the company. I asked the manager at that location what is going on with the quality of the seafood.

Of that delivery some of the shrimp seemed to have been contaminated. A person that is looking at entertaining or just wants some good wine and cheese they can look into Kudler Fine Foods and get all that they every thought that they could get from a company.

We have not had any reports of food poisoning but this has got to be the worst case that this company has yet to combat.

Kathy Kudler has an open door policy throughout the company for all employees, even though not everyone that is employed there has access to talk to her.

The produce department carries over fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. We have a complete line of the finest Dairy products including Irish butter and organic milk. If there is a problem, then on of the managers has to take it to Kudler and let her in on the problem. Kudler is the only one that will speak to and that is usually over the phone.

We even have an Asian Specialty Produce department where we carry the produce, herbs and spices that are the staples of Asian cooking. We carry a wide variety of spirits and at prices that cannot be beaten. The batch that they delivered yielded about pounds of shrimp, pounds of chicken, pounds of lamb, and 50 pounds of duck.

For the meat and seafood department, we get our products from certified organic producers. They have been stating that the seafood is not fresh as it has been in the past and that they are feeling leery of doing business with us in the future.Ethical Issues in the Design of Ultra-Lightweight Vehicles DutchEVO In the period to a lightweight car was designed and to save weight, the floor in the car was raised for side impact protection, allowing for a lightweight door construction/5(1).

Current Ethical Issues XMGT/ By 7/21/13 Ethics is a moral obligation and is something that we all encounter at some point in time in our lives. Ethical Issues Facing the Manger in the Employment Process In this paper we will be discussing ethical issues in management when it comes to the hiring process.

Current Ethical Issues. Current Ethical Issues Lynn Summers Axia College of University of Phoenix Kudler Fine Foods is a market that offers a variety of gourmet breads, cheeses, wines and many other things from many different countries.

The Kudler Fine Foods Ethical Issues

Founded in by Kathy Kudler, the store has been successful and has grown into two additional on the surface, Kudler Fine Foods.

Individual Current Ethical Issues Paper Individual Current Ethical Issues Paper Francis Valentino III XMGT/ August 21, Deborah Mc Cafferty Our founder Kathy Kudler established the Kudler Fine Foods Corporation in after working as a vice president for a defense contractor.

current ethical issues 2 INTRODUCTION Kudler Fine Foods has three stores that is located in La Jolla, which was opened in Two years later, Kathy Kudler open a store in the location of Del Mar.

Current moral and ethical issues faced by kudler fine foods
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