Different types of writing around the world

The system was based on an alphabet of consonants rather than a group of syllables. The First Alphabet — Phoenician Abjad The first known civilization to create a purely phonetic system, completely independent of a pictographic or syllabic system, was the Phoenicians.

Not ready to learn a whole new alphabet? Few individuals would be able or willing to memorize such tedious details, let alone pass them on to other people. The Egyptian writing system had no vowels we had to wait for the Greeks for that and some hieroglyphs could have two or three different meanings.

Abstract concepts like numbers and transactions began to take shape in the form of proto-writing. Ma-mi-mu-me-mo, for instance — how would you represent these syllables elegantly? But other writing systems use both the alphabetic and syllabary system, such as the Devanagari, a script used to write Hindi, Marathi, Nepali and dozens of other languages.

However, Chinese characters can be ambiguous, too. Alpha-Syllabaries Or Abugidas What if your language is a clear mix of consonant sounds ending in a vowel sound, organized in sound blocks that we call syllables? These scripts have a similar appearance.

Illustration by Barbara Ott The origin of writing is the story of religious myth, archaeological fact and academic dispute. Some of them have disappeared while others still exist.

Replace the latin letters in this example with images, and you get the functional writing system of the ancient Egyptians! In order to take stock of land, grain and cattle, early farmers used shaped clay tokens with incised carvings to describe property owned or transacted.

It eventually matured into a full blown writing system of word-signs and phonograms after B.

10+ Different Types of Houses Found in Countries Around the World

It consisted of 22 letters and was written from right to left, occasionally in boustrophedon right to left, then left to right on the following line, and so on. But writing systems are vessels of history, art and phonetics that cannot be reduced to a mere translation.

Thus, the Greek alphabet was the first alphabet that included symbols to represent vowels. So when did we first arrive at a purely phonetic alphabet, with one letter representing one sound? With the Greeks, who took the Phoenician consonantal alphabet, adapted it and included vowels, triggering not only clarity but also economy in writing.

Over the past millennia hundreds of different alphabets and scripts have been used all over the world.Let's take a tour of different types of houses around the world. Cave Homes (Matmata, Tunisia) Photo: Ansgar Walk (photo taken by de:Benutzer:wotan) [ GFDL, Creative.

Writing, the first technology to make the spoken word permanent, changed the human condition. It was a revolution in communication when a script allowed individuals to share information without meeting face to face.

41 rows · This is a list of writing systems (or scripts), classified according to some common distinguishing features. There are at least 3, languages that make use of an established writing system. There are at least 3, languages that make use of an established writing system.

Around the world, people live in many different types of houses. Some houses are very large, some are made with expensive materials, some are very simple, and others are extremely old.

The world’s scripts and alphabets

All of them have one thing in common: they keep people comfortable, whatever the weather outside. Depending on. About Writing Around the World Cultures use different writing strategies because they strive for different goals. Some cultures rely on writer responsibility while other cultures rely on reader responsibility.

The beauty of typography has no borders. While most of us work with the familiar Latin alphabet, international projects usually require quite extensive knowledge about less familiar writing systems from around the world.

Different types of writing around the world
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