Effects of temperature on the activity of lipase essay

These errors and possible inaccuracies were made possible by such factors as human error, equipment error and technique rror. Boiling temperatures will denature most enzymes.

Mix milk and sodium carbonate, in the empty boiling tube then add 5 drops of phenolphthalein. H An enzyme can also denature upon extreme pHs.

How Does Temperature Affect Lipase

I must say that in all, I would say that the reason as to why there is a difference in the primary data and secondary data is due to multiple factors such as alternate methods, alternate apparatus and an alternate working environment.

The particles must have enough energy for the collision to be successful in producing a reaction. Structure Proteins are polymers made by joining up small molecules called amino acids. Ophardt, Elmhurst College, findings.

The proteins fold into different shapes. If in contact with skin use a cloth to wipe the sodium carbonate or rinse with water and if contact with eyes rinse thoroughly. Get a test tube for each temperature being investigated.

By being able to prove my data with secondary data which has the same outcome and conclusion it proves that that the data is repeatable as there are externally recorded results that support the results that I had recorded. The chemical turns yellow as the mixture it is added to becomes more acidic.

In conclusion, it could be said that although my graph does follow the general trend of having a definite optimum and the stages of inactivity and denaturing. The solution should be pink.

Bromothymol blue a pH indicator was used to determine whether or not the enzyme lipase broke down the milk this was noted by the colour change.

Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Lipase Essay Sample

If the temperature is increased to high, there is sufficient energy to break the hydrogen bonds. To see the rating for this website please look back through the bibliography to find the rating for the same website.

Finally you have the denaturing of the enzyme which eventually halts with the enzyme being completely denatured where it then will never have any activity.

The shape of this site allows for a particular enzyme to bond with its substrate to form a temporary enzyme-substrate complex. Paying attention in handling hot water and ice.

Overall there was a total of six recorded anomalies, this not only had the effect of creating inaccuracies but also difficulties n detecting which figure was of the figures and which were of the anomalies.

Secondly, our portions of the solution may have been measured inaccurately as the measuring cylinders used may have not been accurate enough for us to get precise measurements. So the less successful collisions that occurs the less products created.

If someone were to have an allergic reaction to lipase it could cause symptoms such as rashes.Investigation of Effect of Temperature on Amylase Activity Essay; Investigate the effect of temperature on amylase activity Introduction Amylase is an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars.

Amylases are found in almost all plants, animals and microorganisms. Large amounts of amylase occur in germinating cereals. Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Lipase Essay Sample The phenomenon of catalysis makes possible biochemical reactions necessary for all life processes.

Effects of temperature on the activity of lipase Essay Sample

Catalysis is defined as the acceleration of a chemical reaction by some substance which itself undergoes no permanent chemical change. HOME Free Essays Effect of Temperature on Lipase. Effect of Temperature on Lipase Essay. A+. Pages:4 Words We will write a custom essay sample on Effect of Temperature on Lipase specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Enzyme Activity Lab ; The Effect of pH on Enzymatic Reaction Rate. How Temperature Affects Amylase Activity Abstract This study of the effect of temperature on the enzyme amylase was performed to determine the relationship between the enzyme amylase and temperature.

The rate of reaction was found to increase as the temperature of the environment was raised. Effects of temperature on the activity of lipase Essay Sample.

Aim: To investigate the effects of temperature on the activity of lipase enzyme on. Essay on Effect of Temperature on Lipase peroxide)) have an effect on the activity of the enzyme (catalase)? Theory The Temperature effects enzyme activity by decreasing its stability when the temperature increases.


Effects of temperature on the activity of lipase essay
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