Essay on brain drain in pakistan

An important determinant of the international migration of scientists and technology experts is the availability of resources to conduct research and higher salary levels for researchers in recipient countries.

The answer is a categorical no.

Third, there are professionals like scientists, doctors and engineers who leave their homeland at different stages of their career. There are also other factors that contribute to the migration of skilled people to developed countries from developing nations.

The migration of professionals to foreign countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand has increased considerably in recent years. The educated strata of society will have to step forward, taking up the responsibility of moving this nation forward, realising that their country is in dire need of their talent and expertise.

Apart from that, mutilation of merit is a routine feature. The developing countries like India are desperately in need of talents, especially in the field of science and technology but for one reason or the other the talents and fleeing their countries, leaving their native lands impoverished in the process.

In some departments of agriculture research institutes, over 30 per cent seats are vacant, mainly due to the fact that the researchers left the country for better opportunities.

But when they get no reward for their hard work and labour, they feel disappointed and frustrated. These are the people who complain about the general attitude of society towards professionals, particularly scientists.

A system of merit be adopted, otherwise, it will continue to lose its skilled labour to countries where benefits and opportunities are plentiful. But struggles cannot be launched in papers; they require armies of trained personnel — the scientists, technical knowhow and specialists in the field of planned development.

For whatever reason, governments seemed keener on managing remittances from abroad rather than undertaking some fruitful effort to secure the return of highly qualified Pakistanis.

Skilled and educated people expect some kind of reward.

Brain Drain from Pakistan

In fact, many countries, having lost their best brains to the industrial world, have had to import expensive consultants from abroad. Non-deserving people bypass the deserving ones.

Essay on Brain Drain in India

Some may well apply this to Pakistan due to the constant and egregious failures of public planning policy resulting from the incompetence and shortsightedness of governments.

When India is rich enough to reward them, they would not find much to complain about. It is they duty and responsibility of those privileged few to take them out of the morass, instead of jointing the mad rush for careerism. February 6, By Ankita Mitra Brian Drain refers the situation when highly qualified and trained people leave a country to permanently settle in some other country.

It seriously affects skill formation and involves the loss of money invested in education and training. Such exchanges benefited the countries in those days and built a bridge of understanding and amity when communication between even the neighbours was not easy.

As a result, Pakistan suffers the loss not only of valuable and skilled employees but also in the form of further costs for the recruitment and training of new employees for vacated positions.

On this side of the border, Pakistanis will have to take up this task for themselves, at least for the most part.

Brain drain: 7m Pakistanis have exited country in last 5 years

It entails loss of strategic manpower from key positions. And, due to ban on recruitments, sincethese vacancies could not be filled. First, there are the students who go abroad for tertiary education and who prefer to live a life of expatriates for the foreseeable future. Economic factor, however, is not the sole factor involved in brain drain.

But the problem is that a developing country like India could hardly afford to accommodate so many ambitious people, nor could the scope be made broad enough to secure affluence for all.

There is hardly any likelihood of creatures from heaven descending to sort out the mess, created and protracted by our political parties for decades now. Losing them sets development back in these countries.

World Bank The present government has realized the importance of education and consequently the Higher Education Commission HEC has been established with a view to guiding higher education policy and assisting universities and degree awarding institutes in the pursuit of quality education at the seat of higher learning, both public and private.

About 62 per cent of the adults interviewed for the survey expressed the desire to go abroad to work, while 38 per cent say that they would prefer to settle permanently outside the country.

One of the important factors behind the acceleration of brain drain is low income at home. Pakistan is facing this onslaught on several fronts.

An outflow of such manpower creates many dislocations. But India needs these professionally trained people, so they should be persuaded to stay in India and be content with less lucrative jobs.

The policies that encourage such movement target highly trained science and technology personnel, particularly from developing countries. The estimates show that there is an overall tendency for migration rates to be higher for highly educated individuals The latest Gallup survey indicates that not only qualified professionals and university graduates want to leave the country, but even semi-skilled and unskilled workers want to migrate in search of better prospects.

All these people are among the fortunate few, enjoying the privilege of education, while some eighty percent of Indians languish in dark hovels — poor, ignorant and superstitious.

This situation hinders the government from achieving its proposed goals.Brain drain is a major problem for Pakistan, its best and brightest leave the country and put their talent and work into US/EU/Middle East/Australia.

Recommend Hatim. The main purpose of this research paper is to know about the nature of the problem of Brain Drain. Appropriate respects are not given to highly skilled and qualified people, and no rich opportunities are available for them, here are suggested that.

Brain Drain from Pakistan Introduction • Brain drain is the large-scale migration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge. Pakistan is developing country/5(1).

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highly unstable politically some are in the condition of cold war like Pakistan. good article, the best way to tackle brain drain is economy. for pakistan to have a faster build up in economy, please try out better integration. The Term 'Brain Drain': Pakistan.

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You can view samples of our we reject the term brain drain as too restrictive and focus on the psychology of migration, specifically the economic.

Essay on brain drain in pakistan
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