Essay on population growth of bangladesh

The poor are usually hungry, and there is very little money that can be spent on agricultural development. Every year more than two million people are being added to our population.

Essay on World Population Growth

People climb on the roof of the buses and trains to travel one to another as there is no room inside. So there is the shortage of food in our country. The large number of population creates the treatment problems too.

It is a herculean job to get admission in schools and colleges. The production of food can not keep pace with our increasing people. They also do not get proper and sufficient medicine. So day by day we become poor.

To check the growth of population, top-most importance should be attached to education of the masses. Population growth in more developed countries is already low and is expected to stabilize. The increasing population of our country is creating pressure to our wealth.

Another reason for hunger is population. Thousands and thousands people are out of work in the country. There is only one qualified doctor for every 25, village people on the average.

As far as we noticed population has a tendency to increase in the developing countries because of several reasons. It creates educational problem too. The problem of world hunger is evident, and we must do everything possible to solve this problem. Some demographers suppose, Africa is expected to capture the greatest share in the world population.

In the next 50 years the annual growth will take place in the less developed countries Asia, Africa, and Latin America whose population growth rates are much higher than those in more developed countries. In our country some people sleep under the open sky,under the large tree, at railway station.

Over population in bangladesh

We believe that human population increased after World War II when the population of less developed nations began to accelerate dramatically. The area of Bangladesh is too small to arrange shelter for the large number of population.

Demographics of Bangladesh

This is expected to change significantly in the future. No improvement is possible unless this problem is solved. Therefore, all the people of Bangladesh and the government should join hands to meet the crisis right at this moment before it is too late.

There are crowds everywhere in buses, trains, bazars, schools, colleges etc. In some European countries population rates are negative Hungary, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Though the population of a country is an asset, it becomes a problem when the country can not afford to give people the basic necessaries of life like foodclothing, education, medicine and shelter etc.

The vast population also produce so much carbon dioxide which is danger for the environment. Population in Bangladesh is increasing by geometrical progression.

Each family must not have more than two children. It is creating many problems. The first argument is hunger. It is a small country of square kilometers.Bangladesh is a developing country with vast population base where population is a problem.

We think this should not be considered as an impediment in achieving this vision.

Population Problem Of Bangladesh Essay

Rather our population a base can be one of our strengths, if used properly. According to the OECD/World Bank population in Bangladesh increased from to with 44 million and 38% growth in population compared to 34% growth in India and 54% growth in Pakistan.

The annual population growth was % compared to India %, Pakistan %, Dem. Rep. of Congo %, Tanzania %, Syria % or Yemen %. Population Problem in Bangladesh Population problem is the main problem of Bangladesh. It is a small country of 1,47, square kilometres.

A Composition on Population Problem in Bangladesh By Md. Hasan Hafizur Rahman in Academic, Class Seven, Class Six, At present the growth rate of population is about 3% every year.

Population of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. It is a small country of square kilometers. It is a small country of square kilometers. But it has a population over 16 crores. Poverty matters because it affects many factors of growth – education, population growth rates, health of the workforce and public policy.

Poverty is most concentrated in the rural areas of Bangladesh, hence creating disparities between the rural and urban areas.

Another study by the same institute shows that the speed at which illiteracy rate ascends is 32%. These rates are quite important, as illiteracy has terrible effects on society. According to Wikipedia (), the overall illiteracy rate for Bangladesh is %. Those lacking education fail to understand the need to curb population growth.

Essay on population growth of bangladesh
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