Essay on say no to smoking

Very difficult to give up: Also, you may discover that some of your other friends secretly feel the same way you do! Breathing in smoke from someone else who is smoking is called secondhand smoking, and it is also hazardous for your heart and lungs too.

What are my choices? Be prepared to use more than one choice if necessary. Smoking is highly addictive. Fourteen crore men and 4 crore women are addicted to tobacco in India according to official figures. Conclusion This is, thus, a great menace to health and the upcoming, growing young men must understand the risks involved.

The major forms of smoking tobacco includes cigarettes, smoking pipes, cigars, etc. The new notification makes it mandatory for all tobacco makers both smoking forms and smokeless to maintain pictorial warnings in the states format and also to place the health warning in at least 40 per cent of the principal display area of the tobacco package.

The theme of this year World No Tobacco Day is: Second-hand smoke also remains a big problem. The ultimate goal is to contribute to protect present and future generations not only from these devastating health consequences, but also against the social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.

Several legislations are also in place for reducing tobacco usage and manufacture.

Blame it on something else. Our country has one of the highest rates of oral cancer. Over half of the male population around 57 per cent in the age group years uses tobacco in some form and over one tenth of women in this age group also use tobacco.

Here are some questions you can ask a parent, teacher or other trusted adult. Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Even if it smells good, these fumes can be dangerous. If you know someone who is sick from smoking-related causes, ask an adult whether they think that person regrets smoking.

By Nikhil Mehta Smoking Introduction: Nicotine is an element which slowly and gradually passes on and gets deposited in the nerves and in the lungs. Smokers even can have their arteries blocked with nicotine which can cause a heart attack. If you can smell the smoke, then the chemicals are getting into your body!

The misconception about certain tobacco products being safe also encourages many to consume tobacco in one or another form. We all know that smoking is injurious or bad for health. This gradual deposition causes lung diseases such bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis.

At recent consultations several government and non-governmental organisations called for a complete ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products in the country.Say no to tobacco. Dr Anita Krishnan, June 30, IST Smoking not only puts the active smoker in the danger zone of diseases but envelopes the innocent passive smokers too into its.

Smoking is definitely a bad habit. Some say they smoke to relieve pressure while others give in to peer pressure to killarney10mile.comnize the essay into complete article.

Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of toxins.3/5(2). No Smoking at WIT Earlier in the year of my school stated that there would be no smoking allowed around their campus.

Smoking: Essay on Causes and Effects of Smoking

This obviously flared up its fair share of supporters and non supporters. Some of the non supporters are asking if it is fair for the college to say what they can and cannot do in a public place.

Smoking by many is way to relax, but it comes with greater health risk for damaging the brain. Smoking is very bad habit thus it should be quitted by people, smoker don’t risk their lives but lives of other which inhale the smoke (Greaves, ).

Hey Kids, Don't Smoke, Use Smokeless Tobacco, or Nicotine Products

Essay on smoking is injurious to health, essay on smoking is injurious to health in hindi, speech on smoking is injurious to health, essay cigarette smoking, should smoking allowed school essay, smoking should not banned public places essay With the advancement of things and modernism good habits and bad habits have come in.

Say no to Smoking. Be confident and say ‘no’ to smoking. Stop smoking to save money to stand you in good stead is also a useful motto. Habit of smoking cigarette ends in addiction at last.

So, it is the best way of not indulging in .

Essay on say no to smoking
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