Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the airline reservation system

The inventory should include all internal factors for the project such as resource changes, assumption failures, and sponsor availability. Completion bonuses are a routine way that organizations which are closing down operations mitigate the risk that the people participating will leave before the project is ready to let them go.

The more quickly the risk associated with an item to be validated the more quickly the risk is no longer a risk so its probability can be zeroed out. Most people value their own sense of self-worth and they believe that their ability to meet their personal commitments is a part of the admirable part of their self.

Some people struggle with the evaluation step because both of the numbers, percentage and impact, are guesses. In general, the fastest way to reduce the overall risk quotient for a project is to tackle the controllable risks early in the project. As the carries grew, they needed more processing power to deal with increasing numbers of customers.

They also needed features like the ability to link prices and seat inventories to other airlines with whom they cooperated.

The files still cannot be access for a period of time thereafter, because Sabre had to adjust the flights using the new system.

The key risk factors that should be considered are the project size, project structure, and experience with technology. Airline Business System A system that allows your business to grow without contraints while retaining full control in all areas They recognize that even subtle changes in the values for these numbers can have a huge impact on the total risk of the project.

The airline sent apology letters, offered flight credits to customers and bolstered call center with temporary staffers.

The objective is to develop a framework for evaluating the various risks against one another.

Analysis and planning of implementation and developments to the reservation system and modules to meet the objectives of the airline Estimating the resource required to deliver each phase Accessing any risk to the airline and managing the delivery to ensure minimum disruption to operations.

The other factor to evaluate when looking at a risk is its duration--how long that it can have a potential impact on the project.

A Fully Managed and Implemented Solution Project management approach Prior to the commencement of the project, both teams will establish and agree the key objectives for each specific area of development and implementation.

The project size is indicated by cost, time, number of organizational units affected, and issue of organizational complexity. Describe the steps you would have taken to control the risk in these projects? Upgrading reservations systems carries special risks.

This delay provoked a deluge of customer dissatisfaction. Control and mitigate Once the risks are prioritized, go through the list and identify which risks are controllable, which risks are things that can be mitigated, and which risks must be accepted. Reservation system for these airlines are so important that when these companies need to make sweeping IT upgrades, their relationships with customers and their brands can be tarnished if things go awry.

The loss of a key team member may have a low probability; however, the impact to the project can be great. JetBlue also sold smaller numbers of seats on the flights that did take off that day. But compared to WestJet, the company was extremely well prepared to handle problems and risk such as these.

The migration required WestJet agents to go through complex steps to process the data.

A Fully Managed and Implemented Solution

But JetBlue had also experienced similar customer service debacles in the past. Most of all, however, it should include the things that are new in the project.

Two Paths to Software Upgrade

Not every mitigation strategy needs to involve money. For WestJet, the critical issue that they face was the transfer of itsfiles containing data on transactions for past WestJet customers who had already purchased flight, from its old reservation system serves in Calgary to Sabre servers in Oklahoma.

Next key risk factor is the project structure. JetBlue experienced a few glitches- call wait times increased and not all airport kiosks and ticket printers came online right away. This turn out to be a poor decision, as the weather conditions prevented the flights from taking off and passengers were stranded for as long as 10 hours.

Simply getting a verbal, personal commitment to finish the project is often enough to further reduce the probability that a person will leave during the project.Without a properly functioning reservation system, the airline has no direct way for customers to purchase tickets.

2. Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of WestJet and JetBlue%(8). Understanding Performance Indicators of Organizational Achievement in Turkish Airline Companies Dilek Erdogan (Corresponding author) to Gudmundsson (), the factors leading airline companies to bankruptcy are not only multi-dimensional performance management system, such as BSC, in airline businesses.

CIS – Airline Reservation System Project Evaluation 5 The following table would best depict the break down and the duration for each phase of In all the projects I have done till now, I have either taken up the front end or the back end responsibility.

But, this is the first project where I have. Airline-Reservation-System Project - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social /5(4).

PROJECT ON AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM. Need of Airlines system A few factors that directs us to develop a new system are given below -: 1) Faster System 2) Accuracy AIRLINES SYSTEM RESERVATION CANCELLATION UPDATION TECHNICAL SYSTEM.

FEASIBILITY STUDY Feasibility study is to check the viability. Dec 05,  · Evaluate the risks of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of WestJet and JetBlue and key risk factors. Upgrading .

Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the airline reservation system
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