George koonce dissertation

There are more thanliving alums from Notre Dame. We cannot reinvent who you are, but we can redefine who you are. Your family buys into it, your friends buy into it, the alums from your college buy into it.

It was all about trying to win a championship, trying to get prepared. I had a wonderful wife, beautiful children, money in the bank and a Super Bowl ring back on that day in when my post-NFL transition took George koonce dissertation Chevy Suburban around a mph corner at three times the posted speed.

He has a heart the size of Wisconsin and simply will not quit. Becoming a Notre Dame trustee would be a dream for them. Koonce decided to go back to school for a doctorate in philosophy and he wrote a thesis that has proved timely.

I urge you to read the entire post over on the NFC West blog. And then it is gone. The average NFL career lasts only a few years. One month, I was returning an interception for a touchdown during a Seahawks victory over Atlanta.

What can we do to help? My wife, Tunisia, drove me to the hospital and saved my life with words, not medicine. And it was on the drive back home that I took that turn at 75 mph just to see what would happen. Koonce has served as senior associate athletics director at Marquette University, athletics director at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, director of player development for the Packers and special assistant to the athletic director at East Carolina University.

More of them than we know will have thoughts like the ones I had coming around that curve in Kinston, N.

Guest column: Surviving life after the NFL

There are no Hakeem Olajuwons who show up at the University of Houston from Nigeria and suddenly become the first pick in the draft.

They pay those NFL assistant coaches well to show George how to drop back into the flat or cover a running back. My wife, Tunisia, drove me to the hospital and saved my life with words, not medicine.

Not all of us suffered concussions, but all of us are going to go through the transition.

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Look at Dave Duerson. He went through serious, suicidal depression. Football is different from other major sports in that way. The role engulfs you even more.NFL Super Bowl Champ XXXI.

This george koonce dissertation transition richard leakey homo habilis comes as a shock to many. May 17,  · Former N.F.L. linebacker George Koonce wrote a doctoral dissertation on the struggles of football players transitioning after their careers.

George Koonce and the post-NFL transition

Most of us in the upper Midwest are familiar with George Koonce, who played eight seasons as a Green Bay Packers linebacker () and has served stints in the athletic departments at Marquette and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

About George George Koonce played professional football for a decade, the majority of those years with the Green Bay Packers, winning the Super Bowl XXXI title. Former NFL linebacker George Koonce recently submitted to Marquette University a doctoral dissertation on transitioning from life outside the game.

This column represents his personal experience, as told to NFC West blogger Mike Sando. George Koonce holds several years' worth of work in his hands, his voice booming as he reads from one of its plus comes an acknowledgment that it's difficult for regular people to.

George koonce dissertation
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