Influence of hollywood films on the

Hollywood’s Influence

This situation can cause both positive and negative effects, it is about what is represented by film characters. The next major development in film was introduction of colors. Youths are generally in an identity seek.

For example, in recent times, some shops were opened to sell doughnuts, which is a dessert of American policemen in movies, in Turkey. Especially, these firms select one Hollywood star as a brand ambassador and make a big licensing agreements.

School of Engineering ii. In a study carried out by longe et al it was discovered that, the sexuality trends among youths in Nigeria today is culturally alien to Nigerian society in the past.

While the addition of sound quickly eclipsed silent film and theater musicians, color was adopted gradually. As mentioned at pervious paragraphs, people tend to imitate their idol Hollywood characters. The sample population is Covenant University students.

Paucity of materials Apparently there has been little research work on this topic and many of these works were not readily available for use. There is a close relationship between the tobacco industry and film makers. These reels so exhibited became known as motion pictures.

Especially, Hollywood movies have become the most preferred movies all around the world. School Of Business studies 2. Hollywood has also lobbied the US very effectively over decades to ensure cultural exports are classed as just another form of trade in international agreements, and to help it gain control over distribution networks abroad.

Hollywood movies show a lot of instantaneities from the life in the USA. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Architecture and design in Hollywood movies of the s. Motion pictures were purely visual art up the late 19th century, but these innovative silent films had gained a hold on the public imagination.

Downing and Sreberny- Mohammed, p. Although these movies are forbidden for some pediatric age groups, everyone has an opportunity to access and watch these movies by using the internet. Afterwards the departments were selected randomly and questionnaires distributed them.

Hollywood films are poor, lowest-common denominator pulp, relying on special effects and large quantities of sex and violence to mask preposterous plots, weak dialogue and poor acting.


In another research carried out by Olaleye Victoriait was discovered that youths are greatly exposed to foreign films. This theory is a perspective that states that social behavior is learned primarily by observing and imitating the actions of others. To sum up, Hollywood movies destroy moral values of societies by encouraging violence and sexuality.

Some of these movies spare a huge time for sexuality and this is harmful for moral values of societies. Present societies, especially developing societies, now have an Americanized look. These machines were outgrowths of simple optical devices such as the Kodak camerasand would display sequences of still pictures at sufficient speed for the images on the pictures to appear to be moving.

Separately, youths are directed to bad habits; especially, smoking is incited by Hollywood. Huesman and Morse noted that films are media of choice for many adolescents. In addition, Hollywood movies can easily influence youths in a negative way; because, their brains are open to be affected by external factors.

According to Ekeanyanwu, cultural imperialism is the conjugation of a local culture and impositions of alien culture on local culture. As well as Hollywood movies are a cultural imperialist, these movies are harmful for moral values.

To find out if Covenant University students watch Hollywood films ii. Similarly, the French government has been throwing money at its domestic film industry for years, yet the market share of American films in France has continued to rise. Almost all Hollywood movies include violence scenes and idol characters are used in these scenes.The influence of foreign films has not been in question, however, the type of influence, that is whether it is negative or positive has been the question in the front burner of recent studies in that area.

So very sad how Hollywood movies corrupt our nation. Nobody can disagree with the fact that america is influenced with hollywood and in a negative way american indian's accent is horribly different from an actual indian accent.

Global Film Industry: The Influence of Bollywood on Hollywood Words | 8 Pages. identity in the global Film industry. Bollywood is the global leader in production of movies with a staggering 27, featured films and thousands of short films. (Pillania 1) However, Hollywood is still the leader in.

Influence of Hollywood films on the moral Values of Nigerian youths. - Influence of Hollywood films on the moral Values of Nigerian youths introduction.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The mass media exert great persuasive effects on the thoughts and behaviors, by encouraging people into new lifestyle patterns, fashion, etc. Of course YES. Film industry is a mass media, there is bound to be heavy impact on its audience.

The influence of films in our society is bidirectional. Society reflects in movies and in turn movies influence society. There is a thread reflection.

Films made in Hollywood can be rubbish, but they can also be terrific – as can films made anywhere else in the world.

In any case, it is elitist to condemn films made purely for lightweight escapism for lack of “artistic credibility”.

Influence of hollywood films on the
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