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Big international brand gives consumers more confident on their products since they do a lot of advertising compared to Pensonic. Next, people perceived Pensonic as low qualities appliances.

Pensonic faces price war, so Pensonic has been forced to reduce price to compete with other brand so that it would not loss customer. KHIND, The regional office in Dubai acts as an on-the-ground marketing to understand the needs of the customer in different region. By outsourcing, they have managed to expand their range of products beyond small electrical appliances such as multi-door refrigerator, plasma television.

Lack of advertisement may cause your brand name out of mainstream in public so some customer will feel that Pensonic is a new brand.

Khind Holdings forges ahead with overseas expansion

Example, marketing department created Pensonic a good image, this can help to increase more demand to Pensonic since customer will choose a good image company. Recognising this, the group is careful in selecting its business partners when expanding into new markets.

Other than that, the Dubai regional office continues to strengthen their market in the Middle East region and are able to assist in the exploration of new market in Africa countries. Khind Holdings Bhd, which recently entered the Indonesian market, is revving up its expansion plans abroad, setting its sights on other Asean countries.

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From a humble beginning ofKHIND founded by Cheng King Fa, started a traditional family business, manufacture small electrical accessories and lamps in Sekinchan.

The household electrical-appliance maker believes that its brand identity is finally taking off, especially in the export markets, and it is placing bets that this will help give its earnings a firm boost going forward.

June 05, Lastly, regarding to annual report of Pensonicit shows that revenue increased from towhich is RMand RMPensonic, The means of Sound of Penang take benefits as the brand name is familiar by local customer and it might able to gain more customers to support their products.

KMIwhich is engaged in the manufacture and and sale of electrical home appliances and wiring accessories. Lower and medium income range will choose Pensonic as the price is not that high compare with others. TheSundaydaily, KHIND operates in the manufacturing, trading and services and investment holding through twelve subsidiaries.

Pensonic produces more style in products to breakthrough products limitation in style. With skilled employees, Pensonic able to provide top grade product to customer.

Besides that, Pensonic had created promotion and events like warehouse sales to make profit. A company with high growth rate need skilled workers to work with it. The business model that Khind refers to in Dubai is one of setting up an office there and sourcing all products from Malaysia and using the products to deal with customers from countries in the Middle East and Africa.

For example, a skilled employee will make sure the product pass through various safety test before it goes to packaging stage. Threats Price war means a fierce competition in which retailers reduce prices in an attempt to increase their share of the market.

Definitely, we need to work harder in terms of promotional activity and, also, the introduction of new products.

Reputation can be a key differentiator as people are more attracted to a business with good reputation. Through this, they have expanded their market and are able to compete with not only the local brand, but also the multinational brand. This had shown the growth of RMor 0. Next, Pensonic has employed a lot of skilled employees, they may have more ideas to create more sales in Pensonic.

Khind shares were untraded last Friday. Skilled employee may also have more ideas to solve the internal problem of the company. It helps to build good design for every product of Pensonic.

Trade Detail

For instance, Pensonic manufacture business refrigerator only, it did not sell house refrigerator. For instance, a wide range of light-emitting diode LED products has been exported to the world as a result of RM20 million which has been invested in development of LED.

In this age of technological advance, TV is a powerful tool of being a feature on air to enhance reputation, credibility rapidly.

Hence, Pensonic needs to come out with creative ideas to produce new products to attract new customer and keep loyalty of customer.Nov 16,  · Khind-Mistral (M) Sdn Bhd is the marketing and distribution arm for Khind Holdings Berhad.

Other than its two leading brands, Khind and Mistral, the company also markets other brands such as Relite, Swisher, Raycop, Loofen, Ariston and. Operates as an investment holding company, which manufactures and distributes household appliances Khind Holdings Bhd.

is an investment company, which engages in the manufacture and distribution of electrical home appliances. View the basic KL stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare KHIND HOLDINGS BHD against other companies.

Pin Menu Pinned menu is a feature which allows you to remain your selected menu visible at all time. Click here to pin menu. Khind Holdings Berhad acquires Ancom Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd and renamed as Khind Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd Product range We market a wide range of electrical products which are used in diverse applications, ranging from.

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Khind holding berhad
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