Needs vs wants writing activity

Where will they live? Give each group a worksheet with the following printed at the top: Review the list as a class and discuss why each item is in its category before moving on to the second task.

Presentation is complete, properly categorizes specific basic wants and needs, has a additional information.

Give each group 5 minutes to list as many items under each category as they can. The environment must include air, water, food, clothing and shelter. Students will have a limited amount of space Students can create posters, models or presentations to detail their ideas.

How will they heat or cool their homes? Students who are interested in learning more can investigate how access to basic needs affects people around the world.

The ship will return in 10 years and bring everyone back. These activities will help students understand the difference between wants and needs in their own lives. Presentation is incomplete and does not properly categorize specific basic wants and needs. How will they find food and water?

Students are instructed to list the items in your home and school that fulfill these requirements. Basic Needs for Humans: The students have five minutes to read and categorize the list.

Presentation is complete and properly categorizes specific wants and needs. Students should create a presentation for the class to identify what they want versus what they need and present their ideas and solutions.

MP3 player Computer Be creative and add other items that are specific to the local area. Presentation is complete but does properly categorize specific wants and needs. Each group will design a method of living for one year in the environment chosen in task 2.

Task 4 Students can perform this exercise individually or in pairs as desired. Ask each student to imagine that an alien spaceship flew through the atmosphere of the planet and kidnapped everyone in the world except his or her family. They may also create new categories that they think are needs and list items under the new category.

Each group can present their idea to the class. How will they survive the winter? For example a coastal region may add sand and seashells while a mountain area may add pinecones and blueberries. Once time is up have the students get together in groups of three or four and compare their lists.

The presentations for task three and four can be evaluated on a five-point rubric scale. These environments might include under the ocean, on the moon or at a very high altitude. Nothing else is affected at all, so all of the buildings, animals and plants are still alive.

Wants vs. Needs

How will they prepare food? Presentation is complete, properly categorizes specific basic wants and needs. Review each list with the class and discuss why items are wants or needs.

When the discussion is complete ask the class to list three environments where air is not readily available. Write a story about how his or her family would survive until everyone returns that answers the following questions: Task 2 Divide students into small groups or pairs.

Have the class vote on which environment they would like to visit. What happens if someone gets sick or injured?1. Activity 1: Needs vs. Wants. Help Fido determine his “needs” and “wants!” Match each item, by drawing a line, to the correct box. Santa Letter Freebies(Needs and Wants) Christmas Writing Activities- i need to this with the girls Me And MY First Grade Gang: Wants vs Needs cut and paste activity Wants and Needs Freebie!

good for the Making Choices leaf. In this Needs and Wants lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades K-3, students use BrainPOP Jr. resources to identify the things that humans need in order to survive. This activity may be completed online using the using the Draw About It feature: have students print their drawings and use pencil or pen to add labels.

guide them to.

Resource 3 (See worksheet 1 & 2) Needs and Wants Game Country U.K Source Adapted by Peace Child, from an original out- extracts have a powerful pesticide activity and are used by both households and farmers to control. Learn how to distinguish between wants and needs, so you spend less and find more contentment with what you have.

The Difference Between Wants vs. Needs in Economics. Chapter 62 / Lesson 3 Transcript Video; Quiz & Worksheet - Wants vs.

Needs Quiz Circular Flow of Economic Activity.

Needs vs wants writing activity
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