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There has been a lot of buzz about the plight of bees in the media in the last couple of years. Finally I added a couple stacks of small driftwood pieces in the bottom two cubbies New home new life mainly for aesthetics. Some of the other compartments were filled with pieces of corrugated cardboard.

Below are some of the ones I found on Amazon that will work just fine. So I cut up some twigs I had lying around and bundled them together in some of the other compartments.

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Hang it at eye level to help keep animals away from it. Speculation is that it was caused by a fungus or disease killing off entire swarms. Hang it in a place where you can see the bees coming in and out — you might as well get some entertainment out of the whole process. Hang it on a wall or fence and secure it in place with screws.

Without bees to pollinate the vegetable blossoms, our food supply is threatened. So encouraging mason bees to nest in your garden will help the entire eco-system. You can purchase a ready made bee house wherever you find bird houses. My hope is that the bees will be attracted to the monarda and see the house close by and eventually nest there.

DIY Mason Bee House

To redevelop the El Vado and Casa Grande sites into a mixed income, mixed use development that preserves existing historic buildings, and promotes a livable, pedestrian friendly commercial and residential development. But the more common theory is that chemicals used in commercial and genetically modified farming are killing the bees.

What is a mason bee? The property features 72 two and three-bedroom apartments. This house design is only meant to last a year or two as the paper material will disintegrate over time.

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The combined site amenities include community garden, barbecue areas, play area for children, laundry facilities, and multiple common areas.

Mason bees will also lay their eggs in piles of twigs and sticks. Apparently the mason bees will lay their eggs in the tiny holes created in the corrugation pattern.

Take your house inside in the winter to keep the tubes and cardboard from rotting and growing fungus which will kill the eggs. There are lots of tiny spaces for the bees to venture inside.

Bees are creatures of habit and will return to the same spot year after year. Which is exactly what I did with an old cubby box I found at a thrift store.

Mainly because it was pouring rain and cold the day I decided to make the bee house. The bee population has been drastically reduced in the last decade.

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Just two or three female mason bees can pollinate a whole apple tree! I glued them in place with some more craft glue to secure things.

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I hope you will make your own bee house to help maintain our fragile bee population. Close About Us We develop housing that reflects the wider community needs, and includes workforce housing for example medical assistants, food industry employees, first respondersalongside working families, and vulnerable residents with disabilities.

Afterwards I realized that I could have bought some bamboo stalks at the dollar store and cut them into lengths. The commercial space will be on the ground floor acting as a natural buffer from Central, and common space is dispersed throughout the ground floor and rooftop areas to be a local resource for training, workshops, meetings, presentations, and local art displays.

Hang your mason bee house in a sunny location, preferably morning sun as the bees need the morning warmth to get moving. And if it had been a nice day, I would have foraged for some hollow grass reeds. Then I secured the paper with some craft glue — this just stopped them from unrolling as I was placing them in the compartment.

The Franciscan will also have 16, sq ft of commercial and common space. Placement of Your Mason Bee House: The space will be comprised of 70 apartment units, 27 at El Vado and 43 at Casa Grande hereafter referred to as the Franciscan. I cut strips of parcel paper the width of the cubbies and rolled them around dowels in a couple of different lengths.

They are incredible pollinators too! Mason bees need hollow spaces like hollow stems and reeds to lay their eggs. So how do we encourage mason bees to nest in our gardens?New Life Home is a voluntary, residential treatment facility like few others and one of the oldest of its kind in our nation.

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Learn more about our philosophy and how we work, and get to know our competent staff. - new home new life - A Better Experience Our home is our safe place, where we go to be ourselves and unwind after a day's end. It's where most of us spend the most time at, whether we're sleeping, having a family dinner or cleaning.

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A Motel Gets a Noble Second Life on Route 66 NewLife Homes' Sundowner Apartments was featured in a recent article about an emerging trend where non-profit developers are seizing .

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