Non functional requirements of electronic payment systems

Functional Requirements

If the transaction is accepted the point of sales prints the receipt and the transaction receipts with the transaction ID to the customer to be signed. Payment gateway device The electronic device or server provided by the payment gateway provider that interacts with the point of sale for the payment transactions.

The point of sales sends the information of the card and the amount to the payment gateway device and after a short period of time the payment gateway accepts or rejects the transaction. There is a process requirement to validate customer details.

Business process definition User stories Story 1. Refund using a credit card. Availability Requirements - when do they want to be able to operate these processes? There is an objective to reduce the time taken to process an order from 10 minutes to How many users can operate the process at the same time?

We will look at some of the general issues in this area in the section on documenting non-functional requirements, but typically there are different factors to consider for different non-functional requirements and these will be outlined in the articles looking at each of the non-functional requirements we have identified.

Members of the Administrators group cannot enter or approve requests but can delete requests. These users usually take orders, assist customers and performs the payment operations.

System Owners, Key End-Users, Developers, Engineers, and Quality Assurance should all participate in the requirement gathering process, as appropriate to the system.

After the transaction is accepted the point of sales prints the refunds receipt and the transaction receipts to be signed. Can I see an example of a functional specification? When can user operate this process? The basic levels that non-functional requirements can be applied at are Whole solution All automated or all manual components of the solution Functional requirement Any level within a process hierarchy An individual process step An individual data entity An individual attribute on an entity Regardless of type and level that they are documented at, non-functional requirements all involve a definition of what they are and some values targets they must achieve.

Interface requirements Field 1 accepts numeric data entry.

Non Functional Requirements

If key end-users, developers, or engineers were involved with developing the requirements, it may be appropriate to have them sign and approve the document as well.

Configurability requirements all users might have to run the process in the same way. Download an example functional requirements specification or use these quick examples below. If a User Requirement Specification was written, all requirements outlined in the User Requirement Specification should be addressed in the Functional Requirements help non-bank players in the m-payments sector to understand and consider business and functional requirements of the banks for m-payments.

An m-payment is an electronic payment across the data channels of the mobile device. Projects:Payment Gateways/Functional Specification. Contents. 1 Overview. Purpose; Scope; References. This company accepts electronic payment transactions for a fee. Payment gateway device Non-Functional Requirements Open Discussion Items.

There is an important attribute of non-functional requirements that does differentiates them from other requirements and that is they are optional: Not all solutions will need to specify all categories of non-functional requirement.

On the other hand, all solutions will need a specification of their functional, data and process requirements. systems requirements, communicate and explain Federal and agency needs, provide agencies This document represents the latest update to the Core Financial System Requirements document first issued in January This update reflects recent changes in laws and regulations and in governmentwide reporting systems, such as the.

One way of ensuring that as few as possible non-functional requirements are left out is to use non-functional requirement groups. For an explanation on how to use non-functional requirement group, read this blog post which will give you four of the main groups to use.

Non Functional Requirements Of Electronic Payment Systems. Types of Requirements: is functional requirements? A functional requirement defines a function of a system or its component. A function is described as a .

Non functional requirements of electronic payment systems
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