Should driving license be raised to

Among other things, institute researchers have compiled decades worth of data from New Jersey, the only state that issues licenses at Parents would prefer to get out of bed and pick their teenagers up than to know they were being driven home by immature drivers, who may well have been drinking.

So I firmly believe that the minimum age to obtain a drivers license should not be raised to 18! This is undoubtedly very dangerous and potentially hazardous, as a new driver who has not yet mastered driving may panic and cause tragic accidents. However, according to the brain researchers in the National Institute of Health, they have discovered that the executive branch of a teenage brain, which is the part that weighs risks, makes judgements, and controls impulsive behaviour, is not fully developed until after the teen years.

The Minimum Driving Age Should Be Raised to 18

Being 16 and having an early, fast start to getting your license rather than finally getting it after a long slow process makes a huge difference to your life.

Sixteen-year-olds have many more available hours to drive, therefore get their license faster than year-olds who are either working full time or going to university busy with studies.

Also an year-old who is able to drink alcohol is more likely to drive drunk or try stunts to show off to their friends, which makes them far pose a much greater threat on the road than a still-in-school year-old.

Raising the driving age to 21 would be a much better idea. Driving to impress people, driving while angry, texting and driving. If you go by the maturiety then the stakes will go for the girls, then the boys. The elderly driving assessment form shall be developed by the registrar in consultation with the medical advisory board established in section 8C.

Even New Jersey is considering lengthening the time a young driver has a permit, from six months to Karen Sternheimer, a University of Southern California sociologist who studies accident statistics, cited federal data from showing that drivers ages 25 to 34, as well as those ages 45 to 64, were nearly twice as likely to be involved in alcohol-related fatalities as to year-old drivers.

But she and others - even the Insurance Institute officials who propose raising the driving age - agreed it is not the only option.

Yes, "Only by carrying out the change will we be able to see if it works or not" is a poor idea but with the statistics of many young drivers and accidents, it proves that the age should rise up.

When they are and still in high school the pressure with school, friends, and daily emotions at that age can distract the young drivers to the point of an accident. Plus, the only way to know how to drive in the winter, know the speed limit, where pot holes are, and how to handle sharp turns is to get out on the road and drive.

This only gives more trauma to the younger people. The alternatives to making a test harder is still not a good way to keep the young teenagers from driving reckless.

In addition, carrying out any change just to see if it works is generally a poor idea. Now being 19, i know many roads, i know the speed limit i know how sharp turns are, i know where pot holes are They may simply just be delayed by one year as drivers are having accidents a year later.

Driving ability should be judged more - why not also a maximum age?! It is not ALL teens that are dangerous just a small percent. One study from the s found that the rate of crash-related deaths among and year olds were 18 perin New Jersey, compared with 26 perin Connecticut.The driving age should be raised up to 18 because teens can be a little careless.

Driving at the age of 18 is a more mature age for teens because they can have more responsibility. Teens should not be driving at the age of 16 because they could be texting and driving or drinking and driving with some friends.

States Urged To Raise The Driving Age

States Urged To Raise The Driving Age. GENERIC: Student Driver, Car an influential auto safety group is calling on states to raise the age for getting a driver's license. Should year-olds drive?

Is 16 the right age to get a driver's license? The teen driving issues are not about age and maturity as. The Minimum Driving Age Should Be Raised to they must hold the learner permit for six months before applying for a driver license.

However, if the applicant turns 18 during the holding period, they may apply for their driver license upon turning i do not think that the legal age of driving should be raised, it gives them a new. Should we Raise the Legal Driving Age?

Getting a drivers license is a ‘right of passage’ so to speak. We have to “let go” at some point or another. Most teens don’t have access to public transit.

We need to let them have some freedom. We need to let them get jobs. We need to let them grow up. Should the legal driving age be raised to 21? 36% Say Yes 64% Say No Should the legal driving age be changed to 18?

Should the driving age be raised to 17 or higher? Before starting to drive the teen should get their license then they should think to their self for a long period of time and ask themselves if they are ready and if they.

Should driving license be raised to
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