Store image effect on consumer behavior

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The match in the cultural dimension may help shoppers retrieve from their memory information about these products, thus facilitating them to attributes of the store. Thus, a grid layout that works well for a household section may not be suitable for an apparel section in a store.

The Consumer Perspective, " in John A. Culture and Sub-culture-- Culture refers to the set of values, ideas, and attitudes that are accepted by a homogenous group of people and transmitted to the next generation. In a laboratory setting, subjects may be asked to imagine themselves in hypothetical situations and to respond accordingly, or be required to respond as they believe others would in these situations.

Culture determines what people wear, eat, reside and travel. Thus, resonse to store environment may differ by shopping experience. At a more aggregated level, the factor level, one may study these elements as groups factors B for example, the ambient, design and social factors defined by Baker The path of influence is shown in table 1.

My moving to Southern California might make me poorer by virtue of my increased spending due to a greater exposure to sunlight but it will make me happier via a reduction of my negative affect!

Their focal interest is on the relationship between emotions induced by a particular environment and behaviors in this environment, rather than how the emotions or behaviors are related to the characteristics of the environment Donovan and Rossiter ; Donovan, Rossiter, Marcoolyn andNesdale At the factor level of analysis, researchers manipulate several elements belonging to the same factor to project a particular store image Baker, Levy and Grewal ; Baker, Grewal and Parasuraman Eroglu, Sevginand Karen A.

The moderating role of culture and adaptation level on consumer response to store environment is to be explored. Certain response of human being to environment may be conditioned or hard-wired in the human brain.

Overall, this literature shows that store environment is a weak predictor of patronage. Rossiter"Store Atmosphere: Through careful selection and combination of certain design elements music, lighting, decorations, etc.

These included variables such as temperature, rainfall, snowfall, dry bulb, humidity, wind direction and wind speed, barometric pressure, and sunlight. These studies also show that the emotional response leads to a variety of behaviors and outcomes, such as how long the shoppers stay and how much money they spend inside a store.

With mood as an intervening variable, the influence of store image on the outcomes is negative and insignificant.For the supermarket industry, favorable store image is very helpful to foster cus-tomer loyalty [30] [31].

Even in the virtual context, the impact of brand image on customer loyalty remains sig- The Impact of Brand Image on Consumer Behavior: A Literature Review. The literature review that was undertaken served to provide a theoretical base in order to develop and justify the research initiative.

An overview of literature highlighting the important of store image in consumer behavior. The concept of store image was used by Martineau () for the first time. Marketers try to match the store image to the perceived image of their customers.

There is a weak association between personality and Buying Behavior, this may be due to unreliable measures. Nike ads. Several factors have been underlined to explain store brands' (SBs) purchase behavior.

This research investigates jointly the effect of store image perceptions, SB price-image and perceived risk toward SBs on SB purchase.

According to traditional consumer decision model, Consumer purchase decision typically starts with need awareness, then information search, alternative evaluations, deciding to purchase and finally, post-purchasing behavior.

Abstract—the purpose of this paper is to measure the store design and store atmosphere effect towards customer sales per visit of affects the customer’s image of the store.

revisit the store. killarney10mile.comer Behavior. Consumer behavior is the process when individuals, groups.

Store image effect on consumer behavior
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