The john f kennedy conspiracy essay

Through the years there have been numerous theories that the CIA and the FBI were somehow linked to the assassination. Consequently, mafia families had invested millions of dollars in Cuba, knowing that they will overthrow Castro and allow them to take control of Havana Casinos.

The route was changed from being in a complete straight line to a route with a turn in it that would have made the car drop under 10 MPH allowing Oswald to get a shot. His film stemmed evidence that for instance, there was a question —based on the timing of the firing sequence taken from his film- as to whether a lone gunman could have fired so quickly with accuracy.

A few weeks before the parade, the government shipped the special agents that would have directed the parade to the South Pole. The theories may make one to feel that American government has failed its people through lying to them and killing the children of its own.

Suddenly, unexpectedly the motorcade veered from the approved route. Moreover, the president and his brother had formulated some policies that took a belligerent standpoint on issues of organized crimes. Robert Hughes captured movement from the sixth floor corner window of the Book Depository and the window next to it Belzer In late October, Thomas Arthur Vallee was arrested by the secret service in Chicago days before a scheduled visit by Kennedy.

Nevertheless, the theories are sound and convincing but they have some errors, which make them invalid or fallacious. The theory says that the only exception in history of American presidents who were elected in year ending with zero and escaped assassination were President Ronald Reagan and John Hinckley while the rest were assassinated while in office.

This theory argues that several rich and well-organized gangs had profitable ventures in the Havana Casino before the Castro revolution. It is apparent the discussed conspiracy theories are very convincing when they pin point facts and capitalize on the errors of the Warren Commission.

The CIA also hired some of the mafia hit men to assassinate Castro. This explains why the Warren Commission altered some of the facts around the assassination of President Kennedy and reported falsified information to the public.

None of these threats were forwarded to authorities in Dallas. The special agents would not have let the car JFK was riding in to drop below 10 MPH and would not have had the curve during the parade. Kennedy and many people are still uncertain as to who is actually responsible for his assassination.

Why would they do this? Their responsibility would have been to make the area safe for the president to be in. This theory claims that the American mafia families had a hand in the assassination of JFK.

I do not know. As a result, the mafia tricked Oswald into killing the president and employed Ruby to kill him to hide the evidence of their involvement. Abraham Zapruder shot perhaps the most famous film of all. This was because he did not want the public to demand for war against Russia and spark off a third world war, or the public to think that his government was tolerating communism Bugliosi, Instead, the government took over and purposely planned the route of the parade so the president would be shot.

If the Special Agents had been there, they would have taken weeks to scope the area, put snipers in windows, and place special agents in the crowd to make sure nothing happened there. Kennedy would be ambushed in Chicago by a Cuban hit squad.

The second reason was a preventive measure. It hired mercenaries to kill Castro but the president refused to approve their activity in the last minute, which embarrassed them after the defeat. The special ops being shipped to the South Pole, the shot from the grassy knoll, and the change in the parade route is some of the evidence presented to the public, causing the reasons for conspiracy theories.

The theory claims that the spiritualists arrange these deaths of the presidents for their spiritual and numerological motives. The Dallas Morning News featured a detailed map of the planned motorcade route. This also caused drivers to slow down to an estimated 10 miles per hour.

Marine sharpshooters tried- and failed Belzer The Chicago trip was cancelled without explanation. It does not explain why Kruschev left power in the hands of stern Johnson and other republicans who were conservatives and anticommunists.

However, he was very slow in introducing communism in America. Belzer 10 The amounts of activity and suspicious incidents in Dallas on November 22, are astounding.

These investments were very beneficial to these Mafia families and they would do anything to protect such assets. It all begins on Main Street on which the motorcade was supposed to stay Garrison While writing the essay I found John F.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Conspiracy Theories

Kennedy’s life particularly interesting as I found that many people never knew anything about the other side of John F. Kennedy and his social life was an enigma to who lived during his time.

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The Jfk Conspiracy

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50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination: The Conspiracy Theories

Although John F. Kennedy was shot about half a century ago, there hasn’t been a conclusive answer as to who. Read this Biographies Essay and over 88, other research documents.

The Jfk Conspiracy. The JFK Conspiracy On November 22, President John F. Kennedy arrived in Dallas to a crowd of excited people /5(1).

Read Jfk Conspiracy Theory free essay and over 88, other research documents. Jfk Conspiracy Theory. The JFK Conspiracy On November 22, President John F. Kennedy arrived in Dallas to a crowd of excited people lining the streets hoping to 1, Words | 8 Pages.

Jfk Conspiracy/5(1). Conspiracy Theory of John F. Kennedy´s Assassination Essay - On November 22, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy arrived in Dallas to an excited crowd of people lining the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the President.

At in the afternoon, the President’s car made the last, fatal turn. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Conspiracy Theories Buy Custom John Fitzgerald Kennedy Conspiracy Theories Essay The John Fitzgerald Kennedy conspiracy theory is not only the greatest, but also the most controversial theories in America’s history.

The john f kennedy conspiracy essay
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