The power of youth

Youth Interviews @ Neptune Clubhouse

One student, Kattie, put it this way: Alcohol poisoning — Binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning. I no longer feel like I am alone in the world and that no one cares.

I can blame them and not look uncool in the process. One in three teens admit to being the passenger of a drinking driver. They have been through life and really do know more than you. What example will you set?

Have you ever been there?

Power4Youth helps at-risk middle and high school youth to do better in school by addressing the issues that are keeping the students from doing their best, and motivating them to be good citizens of the community.

But before they learn how to be a leader of many, they need to learn how to think clearly and be a leader of their own life.

They will learn how important it is to start making healthy choices now, and the scientifically proven affects health and nutrition have on longevity and their happiness. After he came to power in Germany in one of the early actions he took was to outlaw all youth groups, especially the religious ones.

Over adults have had their lives changed through their relationship with a student in Power4Youth. In fact, Hitler did such a good job indoctrinating a generation that it was a detachment of Hitler Youth who died in the final battle for Berlin in In fact, two-thirds of underage drinking teen deaths do NOT even involve car crashes.

Be it study skills and time management or behavior issues or motivation and goal-setting, mentors help create strategies to overcome the challenges and build the skills necessary to be successful. Talking openly about alcohol can build trust and may be rewarded with gaining more privileges and independence.

Keep your friends safe: Young Christian, you need to respect those who are older, especially those who are your brothers and sister in the body of Christ 1 Peter 5: Additionally, living without a clear plan, goal or vision magnifies their lack of focus.

The program began with six at-risk teens and six mentors, operating as a project of the Presbyterian Church. Likewise, the adult volunteers come from varied professions, backgrounds and ethnicities.

How can you help?

Did you know that the 2nd leading cause of death among 10 to 24 year olds is Suicide? Download a rideshare app or have the number to a taxi so that if you are in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation, you have a way out.Power 4 Youth has been a vital presence in the community since Power 4 Youth provides one-on-one academic mentoring to middle and high school students from throughout the Long Beach area.

Read the Power of You(th) teen booklet where you can pledge to not drink until 21 and make plans to avoid peer pressure. Share the Power of You(th) teen booklet so you and your friends can make a pact to never ride with a drinking driver.

Power Youth The Power Youth outreach program connects local contemporary artists-in-residence with youth in priority neighbourhoods providing youth with new tools for self-expression and the opportunity to gain skills in creativity. THE POWER OF YOUTH. There is a great potential in young people.

It is like dynamite. Dynamite can do great good when used in the right way.

Power of You(th) Teen Booklet

It can pave the way for new buildings, schools, lakes, highways, and numerous other projects which will. Welcome to Power 5 Youth Football League Games for September 15th have changed!!!

Sep ' Power 5 Football League. Minor Flag (PreK-K) Major Flag (1st-2nd Grade) Rookie Tackle (1st-2nd Grade) Junior Tackle (3rd-4th Grade) Senior Tackle (5th-6th Grade) Click here to register online.

Click here to signup for text communications. The Power Up YOUth coalition is focused on promoting a positive community environment by providing opportunities for youth to thrive and grow through engagement of ALL citizens because we believe that strong communities create strong children and in turn, strong children are the foundation of strong and sustainable communities.

The power of youth
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