The situation of the unemployed nurses

Shortages that had been evident for almost a decade were all but wiped out as retired nurses returned to the workforce Robertson, And now that they have retrained, many are still seeking employment because something unexpected took place as the economy tanked.

In addition, it greatly helps the situation if the dislocated worker has a true interest in healthcare and a passion for helping others. PNA said there areregistered nurses who are working both in the government and private hospitals. The more thanregistered nurses are working different jobs far from health work The situation of the unemployed nurses to PNA data.

At the same time, PNA is also hoping that the incoming Duterte administration will finally implement RAs and Nation Overregistered nurses are jobless as the Aquino administration failed to increase the number of nurses in the government hospitals.

The ideal ratio for the nurse to ensure quality and safe care for their patients should be 1 nurse per 12 patients, she stressed. Aquino will have to give his approval for it to become a law before he steps down on June This country is badly in need of family practice doctors, but I suspect the American Medical Association would frown upon using dislocated workers to fill more slots in medical school.

While it true that the PNA has been prodding Congress to pass the proposed Comprehensive Nursing Law, the group is extremely disappointed for the failure of the government to abide and implement both RA and RA Get similar topics delivered to your inbox.

The nursing profession has been a magnet for many unemployed people heading back to school Robertson, She said the present practice is that each nurse is taking care of around 30 patients or more per duty. In fact, too many people who are currently enrolled in nursing programs divulge that they dislike many aspects of nursing, but the idea of a middle-class income at the end of the pipeline was too irresistible to pass up.

When the economy started to slump after the financial meltdown in the U. The proposed law has been gathering dust at the Philippine Senate where Senate President Franklin Drilon has to affix his signature so that it will be transferred to the Bicameral Conference Committee for final approval.

A proposed law called Comprehensive Nursing Act has covered that nurses at private hospitals also receive the starting salary of more than P26, like their counterparts in the government hospitals.

The displaced worker who has the desire to become a nurse should follow his or her dream and take the necessary steps. Also, nurses who once planned to retire had decided to keep working to replenish retirement accounts that lost money during the recession.

Is retraining displaced workers to become nurses a good idea? Cruz said even the nurses in the government hospitals are receiving a maximum of P18, per month, which is under the category of Salary Grade During the past few years, people from various backgrounds have been flocking to the healthcare field due to the perception of job security, career mobility, and steady income.

I will start by saying that many displaced workers would surely turn out to be amazing nurses due to their work ethic, life experience, maturity, unique personalities, and eagerness to learn.

Do other professions actively encourage displaced workers to become members of their ranks?

Unemployed nurses rush for mass recruitment

The problem is majority of them if not all are receiving low monthly salary, according to PNA president Paulita Cruz. Government money has paid part or all of the bill for those displaced workers to retrain Schultz, Register and Get a Free Ebook!number of unemployed nurses options chosen by unemployed nurses This statistics on unemployment of nurses identifies the oversupply of nurses as one of the country’s problems based on current reports.

Data from various years have been used in order to provide a picture on the current situation of nursing education in the country. In. DESPERATE retired and unemployed graduate nurses yesterday thronged various public hospitals throughout the country to register for recruitment after the government this week fired all striking nurses following a deadlock in salary negotiations.

Unemployed teachers, nurses to get jobs: VP

Bulawayo’s Mpilo Central Hospital clinical director. As an older veteran nurse who has had to apply for and collect unemployment, I can attest to the fact that unemployed nurses are looked at like they have 2 heads- the true situation of nursing unemployment is not common knowledge- not.

That being said, I doubt your age, whatever it might be, has anything to do with your current situation. For the latest resume, writing, interviewing, job hunting and self-marketing information and samples, read The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses.

Ello~ I'm just curious to know, for those of you who are unemployed nurses, exactly how long have you been looking for work? What are you (LPN,RN,BSN-RN,MSN-NP,etc.) How many previous years of Administrators in every healthcare situation are, or will be, looking for just about any way they can to cut staffing overhead.

While I agree that nurses in the Philippines are overworked and underpaid, their situation should not be compared to California.

200,000 registered nurses are jobless

The same will be true for teachers, engineers, and other professionals.

The situation of the unemployed nurses
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