Thesis productivity improvement

Productivity improvement in downstream EPC projects using value streams based organization

Sloan School of Management. Leaders for Manufacturing Program. While lean concepts like value streams or continuous improvement apply to this environment there are no ready tools available for implementing a lean improvement initiative.

The following are the key contributions in this thesis: From first principles we define a way to decompose an EPC downstream project into nine value streams. EPC projects run for few years and involve coordination of efforts by hundreds of engineering staff.

Massachusetts Institute of Thesis productivity improvement Date Issued: Lummus is an EPC contractor providing engineering, procurement and construction EPC services for building manufacturing plants. This thesis applies lean and concurrent engineering concepts to large scale engineering design and development projects.

There are inherently many productivity and information flow issues in such projects. We use DSM to analyze a key value stream in detail and show the need for a value-stream-based organization. Eppinger and Fred Moavenzadeh.

The main issue was identified as rework due to the fact that the existing project structures do not deal with concurrent engineering nature of the projects.

The discussion in this thesis has helped launch an initiative that has enabled the acceptance of value streams and DSM techniques at ABB Lummus.

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ABB Lummus, the sponsor company for the internship behind this thesis, is in the business of executing such large-scale projects. However the concept of productivity improvement in large engineering projects that involve high white-collar job content is less clearly understood. EPC industry in general has been facing significant operational efficiency difficulties leading to cost and schedule overruns in recent years.

We show how this approach addresses the common problem in the EPC projects and sets the stage for improving productivity. Productivity improvements in manufacturing facilities have been studied in detail and there are many standardized tools and frameworks readily available to the industry for implementation.A productivity improvement technique is the methodology chosen to carry out to increase the production of brake shoe manufacturing.A framework of the work to be carried is given as follows From the direct continuous observation data.

CASE STUDIES ON PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT AND SUPPLIER SELECTION Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of.

PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT BY USING LEAN SIX SIGMA APPROACH (A CASE STUDY AT FURNITURE COMPANY) ‘I hereby acknowledge that I have read this thesis and in my opinion this work sufficient in terms of scope and quality for the award of Bachelor of The improvement of the productivity is able to accomplish by using.

a Thesis on Productivity. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. Master of Science thesis Title: Productivity – measurement and improvement Author: Yana Myronenko This mаy осcur due to mоre selective hirіng. firms hаve been able to signіficantly improve productivity by upgrаding the skills of their workforсе.

PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT OF A MANUAL ASSEMBLY LINE. A Thesis. by. PRANAVI YERASI. Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of. Study of Productivity Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma Methodology Dayanand Yadav BMIT, Solapur University, Solapur, Maharashatra, India.

Abstract Lean Six sigma has become a popular term in manufacturing and business world. Many success histories of companies that applied the methodology have been published.

Thesis productivity improvement
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