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Leisure for play and pleasure, is also necessary condition for human happiness.

Essay on “Work is worship” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

It should lead to the well being of society, to its prosperity, and freedom from pain and poverty. A short life full of action is much better than a long life of inactivity and indolence. We have to utilize our potentialities to the full so that we may be counted among the successful men of the world.

They are of different kinds and for different purposes.

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Retired people feel most unhappy and wretched for this very reason. Those who have no work to do are likely to go astray and fall into evil ways. They devoted themselves to their work ever in their life.

Were not attained by sudden flight, But they while their companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night. We must make the best use of every minute given to us by God. That work is a great blessing is fully released only by those who are subjected to enforce idleness, for one reason or the other.

It is our work which gives us new face and adds meaning to the life. This is so because work is necessary for the enjoyment of life. In this proverb, an honest work is said that it is worship; because it is our honest work only which satisfies our all needs and takes us to the heights of success.

A man who does nothing is forgotten as soon as he dies. Man is considered as the most intelligent creation of the God. Such workers may uplift the standard of their lives in true sense.

Work Is Worship – Essay

Indeed work is worship. They languish in grief. A farmer, who pays full attention to his work, reaps a bumper crop at the end of the season.Work which is harmful for society is not a blessing, but a curse. Waging war, manufacture of poisonous drugs and weapons of destruction, smuggling, and other such anti-social activities, can never be a blessing for mankind.

If such work is at all a worship, it is worship of the Devil and not the God. Certainly work was worship for them. Our first Prime Minister, late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was in favor of worship of work.

Such workers may uplift the standard of their lives in true sense. They worship their work first and anything else afterwards. Thus work is worship in our life without which the life will be aimless. It is rightly said that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop.

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A man who is lazy can achieve nothing in life. The story of the ant and the cricket is well-known. The cricket had lain by nothing for winter. When he went for help and.

Short Essay on ‘Work is Worship’ Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 3, By Vikash Pathak Meaning of ‘Work is Worship’: Every man is born with two hands and a mouth.

Hard work is the way to get greatness in life. It is considered that, only people who take interest in their work do worship heartily. Work is Worship Essay 2 ( words) Work is worship is a famous proverb which compares the work with worship.

Work is Worship Essay

It does not even compare; it is telling about the surety that work is worship. Here we learn to write an essay in English work is worship essay in English for class 10thand is Worship' means that we should be willing to work. The work is our pious duty. we should know well that work is worship to God and mankind.

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Work is workship essay
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