Writing a tefl resume example

ESL Teacher Resume Objective The first section we recommend you include on your resume -- after your name and contact details -- is an objective. CV curriculum vitae highlights the academic expertise and English language teaching skills that Mona can bring to the school community. You have multiple years of professional experience.

Only one to three sentences in length, this section is a succinct way to summarize yourself as a candidate and your intentions in submitting your resume for a certain position.

How to Write a CV for English Teaching Job Abroad

General guidelines Experience and qualifications are two important factors, but specific requirements vary worldwide. Want more articles like this one and other TEFL resources delivered right to your inbox?

These are all integral to creating a strong letter of introduction. Start with your most recent job first. Presented customisable e-commerce and web publishing packages in workshops and seminars.

See the ESL cover letter that complements this resume. While courses with observed writing a tefl resume example practice are excellent courses, the vast majority of initial Tefl training is entry-level, pre-Celta, training.

Include location and dates. Managed a school with over students, six instructors and three Vietnamese staff Taught English, compiled monthly school reports, conducted instructor evaluations and performed administrative duties Recruited and coached new teachers Managed complaints, implemented school policy and attended area meetings Attended sales and training seminars, and conducted training courses Conducted demo lessons to attract prospective new students Achievements: Alamy Tefl teaching English as a foreign language is popular with both graduates and career changers.

But resume objectives can be effective and purposeful. If you have a broad range of classroom experience, a resume summary will better serve your purposes.

I would enjoy chatting with you. Check out the matching ESL English as a second language teaching resume. Tie in your interests with the job description such as: School consistently performed in top 10 of best performing English language schools, with best student retention and enrolment rates I successfully led and implemented changes to administrative systems and procedures, and trained staff in these new systems February — October This not only makes it easier for you to figure out how to write about your experiences, but it also helps employers identify that your experiences match what they are looking for.

Tefl jobs: how to write a CV for teaching English abroad

Responsibilities are the day to day facts of your job—and they are true for every teacher. Application Letter Review this English as a Second Language Teacher cover letter sample which includes all the right sections and information that should be included in any strong cover letter.

Though submitting a resume may not necessarily be the first step in your journey toward teaching abroad, most all programs use this tool at some stage in the process as an effective way to evaluate your preparedness for such a position.

And whether you use a resume objective or resume summary, you want the hiring manager to read past line one. This way, the experiences are listed, while also not specifically highlighting how old she is.

Email Candace at candoco telus. Language Academy, Barcelona, Sept — June Teaching one-to-one, groups of both children and adults, and Cambridge exam preparation.

ESL Teacher Resume Sample

Remove any pictures or posts that will cast a negative light on you. The professional achievements highlighted in the second page continue to be strong accomplishments, including: A Note on Resume Creativity Resumes are all about the spin. Examples of relevant hard skills are: Joe Hallwood suggests highlighting your personality fit.

However, if you have experiences that are more relevant than your current ones you can also list positions in order of their relevance. Can provide bilingual instruction and education assessments. Those controversial retweets about the presidential election—erase them. As your references are a powerful document in your application process, only provide them when asked for, otherwise provide them at the job interview.

Then list up to six past responsibilities and achievements under each position. This type of resume really highlights her accomplishments.ESL Teacher Resume Sample.

This English as a second language Teacher resume sample a.k.a. CV curriculum vitae highlights the academic expertise and English language teaching skills that Mona can bring to the school community.

Text Resume Writing Visual Resume Writing Resume Spotlight Resume Quality year, institute and location. For example, TEFL certified with two years’ experience in teaching English at the University level.

– Work Experience Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and career tips for professionals working. Some of the “rules” of resume writing for U.S. jobs are out the window.

Employers might ask you to include information such as your date of birth, country of birth, citizenship status, first language, marital status, or a passport photo on your resume.

Discover the ‘Land of Smiles’ as an EFL teacher when you sign-up to the Teaching Internship Thailand in partnership with ELC.

A unique opportunity to experience an often unseen side of Thailand as you live and work over a 5-month paid placement, with in-country support and a community of fellow international TEFL interns. No Two Résumés Are The Same. To help you write a resume we have put together the following examples.

Please note that no two résumés are ever exactly the same— and the length, content and ordering depend to a certain degree on the individual applying, the position being applied for and what an individual's best qualities and experiences are. March 15, Resume Writing ESL, teacher Lisa Rogers ESL is an abbreviation for ‘English Second Language’.

This ESL teacher resume guides you with the right format for writing an effective resume.

Writing a tefl resume example
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